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                  With Dan, the second generation of Byrne, participated in the business, Byrne is not only keeping the dedication towards best products and customer service, but also proactively developing international market and bringing the power and data solutions to users around the world.

                  Anthony, the second generation of the Kwok family, also realized the value of global market, and wish to bring Maichung’s products to more clients. When Maichung met Byrne, both sides realized an opportunity for a long-term partnership.

                  On the occasion of sharing values from both sides, Byrne Asia was born. We understood and value the meaning behind good people and uncommon thinking. This means consistently best results for our customers. We only manufacture the highest quality products, strict safety certification, exclusive products for Asian market, and as always, the best customer service. With support from Byrne Electrical Specialists and Maichung Metal Works, Byrne Asia is developing into a company with global value and local support. 

                  Baosheng Electronic Industries Area,
                  Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong


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