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                  Norman·Byrne (left) with Sum Kowk (right)

                  Byrne Electrical Specialists – In 1971, Norman Byrne left an electrical assemblies' company in Michigan to start his own business. A customer from his old company was asking for help with electrical harnesses to carry power to dashboards and other instruments on boats. At the time he had no dedicated space for business -- and no other clients -- but Norman and Rosemary dove in and set up a shop in the basement of their family home. Equipment was purchased, the job was carried out.With top-notch product quality, good customer service, and the pursuit of long-term partnership, the clients of Byrne had been dramatically increasing. In order to have better capacity, Byrne finally moved to today's headquarter location – Rockford, Michigan.

                  Maichung Metal Works – In 1981, Sum Kwok and his brother created their own shop in Hong Kong. With less than 300 sq. ft, Kwok brothers were producing the best small metal tools. With strong products and friendly customer service, more and more customers were knocking on the door.Maichung grew steadily in the fierce competition. In 1987, Sum moved the operation to Shenzhen and expanded the factory from metal tools and parts to plastic tools and parts. Later on Maichung started assembly lines for complete products as well. 10 years later, to meet growing demands, Maichung moved to Huizhou with a new 100,000 sq. ft factory.

                  Baosheng Electronic Industries Area,
                  Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong


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